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Unit –I wit and humor 

Turn Off the TV click to start learning

The rats’ Feast click to start learning

An Eye Opener tutorial coming 15 July

Unit –II Bird and Animals

The Kingfisher tutorial coming 20 July

Sorrow of Sparrow tutorial coming on 1 august 2017

Leopard That Strayed Into School Trapped tutorial coming on 1 august 2017

Unit –III Sports and Adventure

Relishing Excellence tutorial coming on 1 September 2017

Courage Takes strange Form tutorial coming on 5 September 2017

Limb ‘Till Our Dream Comes True’ tutorial coming on 10 September 2017

Unit IV Science and Technology

What’s Gravity? Tutorial coming on 1 Oct 2017

The Curious Robot see in 5 Oct 2017

With Ipad and Notebook around Who Need any Pen More see in 10 Oct 2017

Unit V Food and Health

Food and Health see in 15 Oct 2017

Food as Love see in 25 Oct 2017

Quick Food see in 30 Nov 2017

 Unit VI Nature and environment

Saving the Environment see in 2 Nov 2017

Nehru’ Letter to Children see in 10 Nov 2017

Mother Nature see in 12 Nov 2017

Unit -7 People and Personalities

On another’s Sorrow  see in 17 Nov 2017

Speaking To Virdhaval Khade see in 20 Nov 2017

Mai see in 21 Nov 2017

Unit 8 India and Neighbors

Help ME Go Home see in 25 Nov 2017

Unexplored Beauty see in 30 Nov 2017

10th class English Tuition online free Maharashtra state board

To My Beloved Motherland India see in 1 Dec 2017

 Rapid Reading

The Blue Bike see in 5 Dec 2017

Who Is Afraid Of The Dark? See in 10 Dec 2017

Listen To the Mountain see in 15 Dec 2017

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