Anna Hazare Biography

This is a short note on Anna Hazare Biography. Shri. Anna Hazare the famous socialist date of birth is June, 15th 1937. He was born in Bhingar village Ahmednagar.  His father’s name is Baburao Hazare and mother’s name Laxmi Bai. He follows rules of Gandhi. Anna is a retired army. He is joined in Indian army at the age of 23 in 1960. That time India need more soldier. He took part in 1965 Indo Pak war. He is brave and a great socialist.

Anna Hazare Biography

In his career he shows his braveness in the in indo Pak war. When Indian army needs soldiers, Anna hazare show his patriots for the country. He involved in Indo-China war. He returns after victory. They celebrate the victory. After a period of fifteen years of service, he took retirement from army in 1978.

After retirement he is not stop he started the fight against wrong system and give service for common people. His village condition was not good at that time s he decided to do something for his villagers. Anna reforms the village. He calls the people to joined Swachhata Abhiyan. He decided to pass the lok pal bill on parliament. Shri Anna hazare is Gandhi’s follower. Hence he used fast. They fought for years for Right to Information and finally the Right to Information passed on the parliament. By effort of anna hazare the common man has to Right to Information. He can get the information from the system.

Now Anna hazare but not joined in any political party. In all world and India he got fame. Therefore political parties respect him. He like read books also. He used car used to walk. Indian Government awarded by Padma Shri in 1990 and Padma Bhushan in 1992. So we have to learn from the him to be great.

So you may read about Anna’s slogen and the movie. Anna Hazare Biography in Marathi and Hindi.

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