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BA III English tutorials

B. A. PART–II EXAMINATION COMPULSORY ENGLISH SEMESTER IV session 2017-2018 Unit I : Prose Prescribed Lessons 1.The Doctor’s Word-R.K.Narayan 2. Monday Morning- Mark Twain Unit II: Poetry  1. A Village school master- Oliver Goldsmith 2. Say Not the Struggle Naught Availeth- Arthur Hugh Clough Unit III One Act Play 1.Abu Hasan Pays His Debts- Ronald […]

BA I English tutorials

  BA  I Compulsory English Unit I Prose I Sahyadri Hills, A lesson in humility click here learn now Uncle Podger hangs a picture click here to start Unit II Poetry Where the mind is without fear coming on 1 august 2017 The toys coming on 5 august 2017 Unit III Short stories Why I […]

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