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A to Z Abbreviation

Abbreviations are the words which describe the short meaning. It is the short form of phrase. We can long name ion to short form. This is useful to remember. It is very easy in saying. Here the Abbreviations by alphabet wise given. A to Z Abbreviation are for student. Abbreviations A.A.F. – Auxiliary Air Force […]

Short Note On Babasaheb Ambedkar

We proide Short Note On Babasaheb Ambedkar. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was born in 14th April 1891 at Mhow in Madhya Pradesh he was son of Shri Ramji Sukhpal and Bhimabai. Ramjirao was a Subedar in British military. Dr. Ambedkar took great interest on study. He faces many problems on the way of his study but he work hard and complete […]

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