A Boy With A Mission English Tutorial 12th Class Online

A boy with a mission is the English lesson of 12th class learn online English lesson from our website for free. 12 Arts Science Commerce students may view the page and read the listen online for free. Candid have to just open the page and click on start button to her to hear the lesson. The lesson a boy with a mission is online in video form.

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A Boy With A Mission

English Tutorial 12th Class Online

In 1945 in the robot Canada are 12 year old boys are something in shop window that set his heart racing. But the price $5 was far beyond robot all means. $5 would buy almost a week’s groceries for his family. Ribbon couldn’t ask his father for the money. Everything Mark Earle made fishing mother dora stretched like elastic to feed and cloth their 5 children.

Read the listener buy with mission in two parts. Listen carefully first part from the beginning to the reuben hide and run down the street searching. Question 1 what is the text about? Question 2.word a river not shares his secret with his family member according to you? Question 3 do you have the same joy of giving surprise gift to your parents or brother or sister? Second part question 1 what was the secret gift didn’t get the amount required question 2.on what day did you give the thing on to his mother?

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