BA II English tutorials

Unit I : Prose 
1.My Lost Dollar – Stephen Leacock tuition coming 1 august 2017
2. All About a Dog- A.G. Gardiner tuition coming 9 august 2017
Unit II: Poetry
1. Solitary Reaper-William Wordsworth tuition coming 10 august 2017
2. A Psalm of Life- H.W. Longfellow tuition coming 15 august 2017
Unit III: Short Stories
1.The Barbers’ Trade Union-Mulk Raj Anand tuition coming 1 sept 2017
2. Moti -Sunikumar Navin tuition coming 10 sept 2017
Unit IV: Grammar &Comprehension
A) Grammar
(i) Punctuation
(ii) Narration
B) Comprehension
i. Letter Writing
Unit V: Conversational Skills

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