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Gk Question in Hindi Pdf Download update here. Which include GK, Books, Constitution, science, political, History and Geography are included. New questions updates for 2017. Previous year’s exam quest paper’s best GK Questions in Hindi PDF.
General knowledge
General knowledge is a vast knowledge of different subjects and things about the world we live in. Awareness is very important for everyone. General knowledge is a compulsory subject in all competitive exams. 1/4th part of questions in all competitive exams are of general knowledge. It plays a substantial role to hike up or diminish your level of percentage. Foremost thing about GK is that there is no calculation or time gaining process. It is simply based on familiarity about that particular subject. General knowledge is a wide range of truths and facts.

Commonly examiners favorite topic is:
Current affairs: Current affairs means what is happening in day to day life and it is important to discuss and analyze. It is a live stream activity and it is not a particular topic it relates to economical situations, environment theory, international incidents, political issues, scams, consumer affairs, related to sports, Business issues, political matters currently disclosed honors and awards etc.

Rather than current affairs there are some noticeable topics just as
1: banking business- it is about financial services such as loans, investments, deposits.
2: laws and theories- rules made by government or authorities.
3: Geographical ground: researches about earth, human activities, population etc.
4: History: facts and conclusions of ancient time and past events.
5: Agriculture: cultivation process, sachems for farmers, process of fertilization.
6: Currencies: name of a token used as money in different countries.
7: Goverment rules and scheme: rules regulation and sachems launched by government.
8: Olympics, commonwealth games: information about the teams, conducted place, success and failure.
9: Science and technology- studies and innovations on practical basis.
10: Books and awards- about New or old launched books and writers.

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GK question In Hindi Pdf

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