International Bikini Day 2017

bikini is suit of women’s included a bra top for the chest and underwear. In 1946, Two French designers Jacques Heim and Louis Réard design Bikini in short fabric. This is suit for summer and used in swimming. In modern days this bikini is became popular. Many actresses and model use bikinis.

International Bikini Day 2017

Bikini Day is celebrating in 5th July. It is celebrate especially in Philippines, Bali, Hawaii. The woman’s and young girls goes to beach and with bikini seat there. They spend time with friends and lover. The bikini day is full of fun. In foreign female generally celebrate the day. In India this day is not celebrate in all beach.

The Bikini Day of this year 5th July 2017. So enjoy the day. This is short note on Bikini Day.

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