International Joke Day Wikipedia

International Joke Day Wikipedia is the source of information about jokes day. On 1st July International Joke Day is celebrates in all the country of world. In the days of modernization, everyone is running to be more modern. They forget when they laugh. International Joke Day is event when all the people meet together and create jokes. Joke day is celebrated from hundreds of years ago in Greeks by Palamedes. But united state America has started International Joke Day. In the world lots of problems and people are in stress. Laugh is one of the best ways to through the tensions.

How to celebrate International Joke Day

It is depend on you that what way celebrate. You may call the friends and create jokes. Sent jokes massage to friends and relatives. Jokes must be funny. When anyone listen or read the jokes they should smile. Don’t make joke to insult anyone or joke should be simple and without wrong words. Funny videos and images can send from emails. You may share on social media like Facebook, whatsapp and other.

The day the joke festival of the year is on 1st July 2017, so it’s time to share fun. Search jokes in Hindi, jokes in Marathi, funny jokes, funny videos, and funny images from internet. Many website provide joke sms and share option.

International Joke Day Wikipedia

  1. What is joke day?
  2. When is International Joke Day?
  3. Who started the festival?
  4. Where found the funny jokes?
  5. How to celebrate International Joke Day?

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